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Mrs. Walsh had been the first white woman to enter the country, and had started by taking up the transport business, in which they had both had considerable experience, and in which Mrs. Walsh took a man’s

share of the work, being the only white woman who ever ran transport in British East Africa. In spite of their many successful ventures, they are not numbered among the wealthy, their open-handed hospitality and careless, ha

ppy-go-lucky Irish temperament being against them in the race to accumulate riches; but ther



e is hardly any one who has been in British East Africa who does not know them, and few who have not, at one time or another, shared their generous hospitality, which was as freely ext


ended to the trader or settler temporarily down on his luck as to the Government official or missionary travelling in luxury. I gave the authorities a full report on the country, tell


ing them of the continual fighting and the trouble I had had right through. They said that they were quite aware of it, and that I could expect nothing else, but that they could give me no a



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    ssistance, as they had quite enough troubles of their own, with the natives near at hand. It appeared that during my absenc

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    e from the 116 Kikuyu country my old partner Gibbons had returned from Uganda and gone into partnership with a man named

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    Findlay to make a trading expedition to the Kikuyu country; but I had somehow missed him while transacting my business in Na

his couple had come RSS


ivasha, as his route had lain farther to the east. I found that as soon as the two had entered the country they had had trouble with the natives, and some of their men had been killed. They had taken with the


m forty or fifty men, armed with rifles, and about one hundred porters, intending to trade for ivory. So far as I could gather, a chief had come to them and told them that he had a tusk to sell. When the Kikuyu come to sell


ivory they do not show you the tusk but give you the measurement, from which you have to guess the weight; t


hen, after the bargain is struck, you pay for the ivory, a

to East

nd the seller is supposed to bring it in. Gibbons bought a

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